Database Backup and Recovery

The data is stored in two folders:

1. The data folder contains the pictures and data files associated with genotyping results and experiments. Backup this folder as the regular way you backup other files in the computer. See Program Settings for detail about the data folder.

2. The database folder contains the database file ( and the log file if multi-user or multi-lab version). Backup the database files following the instuction below. See Installation for detail about the database folder.

To back up the database files:

For single-user version:

1. Exit the program.

2. Copy MouseRoom.sdf to backup folder.

For multi-user or multi-lab version:

Run the program, click menu->Database->Database Backup, select a folder to backup the database files.

The backup function is only available to "PI" or "Technician" account.


To recover the database files:

In case the database is crashed, you need to replace the damaged files with the backup ones. Follow the steps below:

1. Run the program, click menu->Database->Database Recovery, Click "Detach Database".

2. Copy the database files from backup folder to the database folder to replace the damaged files.

3. Click "Attach" to attach the database back to the server.